speed boat mallorca
speed boat mallorca

Speed boat on Mallorca

Use a speed boat on Mallorca and create a highlight for your participants during your corporate event. Nobody will resist this extra portion of fun and action. Your participants will remember the tour with a speed boat on Mallorca for a long time. Enjoy the thrill of speed when the speed boat accelerates up to 65 km/h. This is a perfect alternation after a long meeting in your hotel. We can use up to 3 powerful speed boats at a time. This allows us to transport up to 36 people.

Beside the typical usage as a fun trip with the same starting and end point, there a more options. We can pick you up at your hotel, if it has a landing place or is close to a beach. This way we can bring you to your sailing boat or catamaran. Further more we can use the tour with a speed boat on Mallorca as a water taxi to get you to your next event location, like for example a restaurant close to the water. A great combination is also to bring you to a jetski station, were you are able to enjoy riding a jetski. Just ask us and we will find the best combination for your event. We are pleased to help you.

But of course the safety of our participants is very important to us. That’s why we only use for our tours with a speed boat on Mallorca well maintained boats with official licence and professional skipper with several years of experience. We will adapt the speed to the conditions of the sea and the needs of the participants. Our credo is always: safety first. We want to give all the participants the possibility to have a great time with us. That’s why we don’t force people to join this activity. We respect the decision, if somebody doesn’t want to go on the boat. In such a case we will organize an alternative transport to the next event location.

The tour with a speed boat on Mallorca can be booked by the hour.