Golf course beginners mallorca
Golf course beginners mallorca

Golf for beginners on Mallorca

Get to know this great sport and learn the basics of golf with our golf course for beginners on Mallorca. You will be surprised how easy it is to take the first steps into the world of golf. For your corporate event we will form small groups with a maximum of 10 people. This way we can ensure a good attendance of your participants. Top quality is important to us, so each group has its own professional PGA golf trainer.

We start the golf course for beginners on Mallorca with a short briefing regarding material, clothing, etiquette and safety. And of course there will be enough time to talk about the different types and functions of the clubs. You will see, that most things are really easy to understand and make sense.

The small groups rotate through the three different stations of the beginners area. Here your participants learn in the driving range the long distance strokes. Then they will continue with medium distance at the chipping area. And finally they will get some special training on the putting green. During the training the participants learn the right English expressions of golf.

The golf trainers adapt the learning speed to the abilities of each group and give continuous feedback. This guarantees the best progress and learning results in the given time. At the end we have a small competition among the participants. This way we create during your golf course for beginners on Mallorca a competitive element and are able to determine a winner, if this is desired by your company.

Optionally we can continue at the golf course with a lunch or dinner in the restaurant of the club house. This is a perfect possibility for your participants to meet up again as a big group and to talk about their experiences of the golf class.

The duration of a golf course for beginners on Mallorca is 2 hours.