jetski tour mallorca
jetski tour mallorca

Jetski tour on Mallorca

Enjoy the power and fun of modern jetskis during our jetski tour on Mallorca. Perfect for all groups that are looking for a lot of fun and action on the water. This activity is not only suitable for men, its great for women, too. Race on the water with full throttle and take some steep curves. In a huge buoy field you can even drive without a licence for jetskis.

For the safety of your participants a maximum of 5 jetskis are allowed at the same time in the buoy field. This way the situation stays controlled and accidents can be avoided. Further more the vehicles can be temporarily turned off by a radio signal in case a driver is not respecting the minimum distance to others.

After a short technical and safety briefing each participant gets a life jacket. Then we are ready to get onto the machines and start the jetski tour on Mallorca. In the colder months we can provide wet suits, too. At the beginning each person has some time to get to know the jetski. But normally everybody knows how to steer and accelerate. Reducing the speed works by simply reducing the gas. You will be surprised, how easy it is to drive a jetski and how well you have to grip the handle bar, because they have a powerful acceleration. This will guarantee you a lot of fun, just give it a try.

The buoy field of the jetski tour on Mallorca is about one kilometre away from the beach. This way accidents with swimmers can be easily avoided. The station of the jetski tour on Mallorca is a swimming platform on the water, on which the vehicles dock on. A zodiac boat will pick you up on the beach and bring you to the platform. Alternatively you can arrive via sailing boat or catamaran. This combination is a nice upgrade for your participants and can be used as a surprise.

Our jetski tour on Mallorca has a duration of 20 or 40 minutes per run.