rock climbing mallorca
rock climbing mallorca

Rock climbing on Mallorca

Rock climbing on Mallorca is getting more and more popular, because Mallorca is a paradise for rock climbers from all over Europe. A wide selection of different routes and the great weather of the island combine to make perfect climbing conditions. For our corporate events we have selected special climbing routes that are appropriate for beginners. They are fun to climb and easy to access by car or bus. The difficulty level is low and the height is about 10 – 15 meters. This module is perfect for participants that want to get to know their physical and mental limits.

After a short hike (10 min) we reach the climbing spot and distribute the climbing material to the participants and give a briefing regarding climbing technic and safety. Our experienced outdoor guides provide each participant with a climbing helmet, a full size harness and special climbing shoes. From now on smoking is prohibited and it is obligatory to wear helmets during the rock climbing on Mallorca.

After a double check of the safety systems, the first participant can start to climb. Its interesting for us to see how different people react, when they have their first contact with climbing. Basic elements of your personality are shown. How do you react with completely new situations, with frustration or with success?

For climbing you don’t need to be a super sports person. An average fitness level is definitely enough. Its less about physical top performance, its more about getting in touch with yourself when you leave your comfort zone.

During the rock climbing on Mallorca we work in small groups and with a maximum of three routes in parallel. This way our guides are able to control the situation and prevent group pressure, so that nobody feels uncomfortable. We work based on the principle of challenge by choice. So everybody can decide how far he or she wants to go. Our outdoor guides have several years of experience and are certified. We use only top quality climbing material with UIAA certification.

The duration of our rock climbing on Mallorca is 1 – 3 hours.