trekking tour caving mallorca
trekking tour caving mallorca

Trekking tour with caving on Mallorca

Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sierra Tramuntana mountains during a wonderful trekking tour with caving on Mallorca. During the tour we will discover a huge private cave, that will be especially opened for your group as it is normally closed to the public. The trekking tour has a medium level of difficulty, so that anybody with a normal fitness level can participate without any problems. The start is in the centre of the island, just half an hour away from Palma.

The first part of the trekking tour with caving on Mallorca is flat and very easy. But already here you can understand why these mountains have become part of the UNESCO world heritage. Along the way you will get to know the landscape of these Mediterranean mountains with the typical plants. With a bit of luck we will see some mountain goats, too.

After 75-90 min we will reach the entrance of the private cave. It will be especially opened for us as it is normally not open to the public. For the safety of your participants helmets are mandatory and each person will be provided with a powerful headlight. Through a 30 m long tunnel we enter into the cave. Everybody will be impressed after leaving the tunnel and entering into the incredible huge dome. The height of the dome is about 40 m. Luckily there is a big hole in the dome, so some sunlight illuminates the cave.

In small groups we explore the dome. You will notice the very soft, dry and sandy ground. Some participants tell us, that this place gives them surrealistic sensation and it feels like walking on the moon. Then we will explore the two smaller caves. One of them has innumerable stalagmites and stalactites that are really impressive.

The participants of our trekking tour with caving on Mallorcaneed an average fitness level and mustn’t be claustrophobic. However if this isn’t the case they can still participate and stay outside the cave or leave away the two smaller caves. Our experienced outdoor guides prevent group pressure, so nobody feels out of place. We always work with the principle of challenge by choice, so everybody can decide how far he or she wants to go.

The duration of the trekking tour with caving on Mallorca is between 3,5 hours.