scavenger hunt palma de mallorca
scavenger hunt palma de mallorca

Scavenger hunt in Palma de Mallorca

Create a good team interaction with our scavenger hunt in Palma. The capital city of the island offers us an unique old town with a rich history and culture. In small groups of 4-6 people you will look behind the secrets of the city. A lot of fun is guaranteed and colleagues will get to know each other better. Really everybody can participate with our scavenger hunt in Palma.

All groups start together at the same location, but then move independently to the different control points alongside the route. Here our multilingual guides conduct team tasks with the participants. For example a challenging logical exercise, that you can’t solve alone, but together with your team it might just be possible. Or during some geocaching with GPS you have to find the hidden code of a safe. After finding the code you will be able to check the number immediately and hopefully unlock the door. A small surprise is awaiting inside the safe for you. This is a perfect opportunity to hide a special gift from your company for your participants. Last but not least we always love to challenge the teams with your ‘unleashing’ exercise. To solve this difficult task, the whole group needs to activate their creativity. These team tasks make our scavenger hunt in Palma more competitive and create a really nice dynamic.

With our especially designed street map your participants can explore quickly and hassle free the back streets and hidden places of the city. Regular tourists normally don’t find these places. This way you can get quickly a good overview of the old town of Palma and you just have to follow the street map without planning anything by yourself.

Another big advantage is the very low physical impact for the participants. So really everybody can participate and benefit from this great experience. We offer several upgrades for the scavenger hunt in Palma. For example we can integrate a stop in a typical tapas bar or a stop with a small wine tasting of Spanish wines. Another option is an obstacle course with Segways. If you want we can even end the scavenger hunt at a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

The duration of the scavenger hunt in Palma is between 3 – 4 hours.