construction of rafts mallorca
construction of rafts mallorca

Construction of rafts on Mallorca

Create a high level of team interaction and have a lot of fun at the same time with our construction of rafts on Mallorca. During the construction team members have to show a wide range of skills and excellent team work. The final race on the sea will definitely show which team had the best ideas and did a good job in converting them into a solid and fast raft. This module is perfect for the warm climate of Mallorca.

At the beginning of the construction of the rafts we will provide the teams with the necessary material. This will be tubes from trucks, wooden beams and rope. Quite often the participants are surprised at the beginning that it is possible to construct a functioning raft with so little material. But this difficulty makes the challenge even more attractive and suddenly somebody starts with the first ideas. Or somebody just grabs some wooden beams and starts to build a grid. Without realizing it the planning phase has already begun within the teams. In the next phase, the construction phase, some handy people are needed to turn creative ideas into a solid construction. Automatically inside the team it comes to specialisation. This way the different strengths of the participants can be used most appropriately. For example one person who knows how to tie good knots and helps this way to connect the wooden beams together. Others inflate the truck tire tubes or create a flag with a white peace of fabric that represents the team.

If a team is having difficulties at any point of time, a guide will assist and explain how to solve the problem. This might be the case for example in learning how to tie good knots. Or the guide will comment to the teams, after a while, ideas that probably won’t work, like using too few tubes. This way we ensure, that all the teams can participate in the race and finish in time.

When the construction of the rafts has finished, we start to distribute life vests. For the safety of our participants our aim is always: safety first. That’s also why a zodiac boat accompanies the rafts on the water. Then the race will show, which teams did the best job and constructed the fastest raft.

This activity is possible on several beaches and bays. Please keep in mind, that we do need a permit from the local coast guard. This will take 5 months.

The duration of the construction of the rafts is between 1 – 2 hours.