Bjoern Quoos, event agency mallorca

Bjoern Quoos, Managing Director of our event agency on Mallorca

Event agency on Mallorca with one-face-to-the-customer philosophy

At our event agency, you will always have the same contact person who is responsible for your event - from beginning to end. We believe that this approach simplifies and improves collaboration.

Communication channels are kept short, and no information is lost because it does not have to be passed on from one person to the next. This approach also creates a high level of responsibility and commitment to your needs on our end. There will be no excuses or hiding behind someone else's mistake. But that is not how we operate anyway.

We strive for clear and direct communication so that we can work together with you in an efficient and targeted manner. This keeps everything moving forward, and we achieve a level of quality that is as satisfying to us as it is to our customer. Because that is what we really want and what connects us to our clients: the excitement and satisfaction of precise planning and execution of high-quality events on the dream island of Mallorca.

It is always a great feeling when everything goes exactly as we had envisioned and planned it with our customers. The satisfied and happy faces of our clients are the greatest compliment.

Who is behind this event agency on Mallorca?

Björn Quoos, born 1976 in Darmstadt, Germany, studied Business Administration in Frankfurt (Germany), Toronto (Canada), and Valencia (Spain). He then worked in human resources development at Stinnes Logistics AG in Germany. It was there that he gained extensive exposure to a typical corporate environment, with its high degree of change dynamic and hierarchical structure. Bjoern draws on this experience to help him better assess the situation of his corporate clients, and to develop solutions specifically tailored to his customers. In 2005, he left for Mallorca, where he founded the event agency Teambuilding Mallorca, headquartered in Palma de Mallorca. Additionally, he successfully completed the requirements for Safety Trainer, Ropes Courses, in accordance with ERCA standards, as well as those for Outdoor Trainer in Germany. His customers come from a broad spectrum of industry sectors across all European countries, and include small specialty firms as well as large international corporations. What is noteworthy is the high number of repeat customers of our event agency on Mallorca.

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